May 2020 – Texas Dermatology

How Laser & Radiofrequency Treatments Rejuvenate Skin

Laser and radiofrequency treatments

We all want to stop the signs of aging. If the fountain of the youth were a real thing, it’s safe to say that we would all be lined up for miles just to get a sampling of those waters. While some of us may opt for more invasive treatments, like surgery, it’s important to … Read more

The Sun’s Hot, Skin Cancer’s Not: Tips For Reducing Skin Cancer Risk

skin cancer tips

As summer quickly approaches and we get back to a new sense of normalcy, many Texans are spending more time outdoors. With pool time and lazy days at the lake or beach comes a silent problem; skin damage from excessive sun exposure. For Skin Cancer Awareness month, we want to take a closer look at … Read more

Common cold or seasonal allergies? How to tell the difference.

common cold or seasonal allergies

Sneezing, congestion and running nose, coughing, and throat irritation can all be signs of both the common cold and seasonal allergies. With allergy season in full swing, you may be wondering if that cold you have may actually be allergies. Here are a few clues that you may have seasonal allergies. Your symptoms last more … Read more