March 2022 – Texas Dermatology

How to Care for Hiking-Related Injuries to the Skin

How to care for hiking-related injuries to the skin

In Texas, it’s finally nice enough weather to enjoy the outdoors and explore a new hiking trail or an old favorite. Whether you’re going to Palmetto State Park or brave the South Rim Trail at Big Bend, you should take all necessary precautions first. Injuries on the trail are never fun. We have some first … Read more

How to Avoid Catching Contact Dermatitis This Summer

How to avoid catching contact dermatitis this summer

Contact dermatitis is when something touches your skin and causes irritation or an allergic reaction that leads to an itchy, painful rash. With the proper prevention and skincare strategies, you can help heal your skin and stop another rash from occurring. Here’s how to avoid catching contact dermatitis this summer and beyond. Like Finding a … Read more