Belt Dermolipectomy in San Antonio, TX

Belt Dermolipectomy in San Antonio, TXA tight, toned midsection and total hourglass figure aren’t just a figment of your dreams anymore.

What is a belt dermolipectomy?

Aging, weight gain, pregnancy, genetics … no matter the reason, the result is the same: frustratingly stubborn extra fat and skin around your midsection that refuses to budge despite eating a healthy diet and exercising. A belt dermolipectomy is a surgical procedure designed to address these issues, leaving you with the shapely, Instagram-worthy figure you’d all but given up on.

During this surgery, several incisions are made around the abdomen that allow the skin to be removed where necessary and tightened. The abdominal muscles can also be corrected and pulled closer together, giving your stomach a more toned look. In addition, because of the elongated incisions, any corrections can be made to the hips and even buttock regions, providing a complete overhaul of your figure.

All surgeries including the belt dermolipectomy are performed by our board-certified, highly-experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis. You’re in the best possible hands to meet your body and beauty goals when you choose Texas Dermatology.

How much does a belt dermolipectomy cost?

The short answer? We’re not completely sure. The long answer? We tailor every single procedure our team performs to the unique patient receiving care from us, meaning no two procedures are identical. Without cookie-cutter procedures, we can’t offer cookie-cutter pricing. You can receive a quote for your belt dermolipectomy by coming in and meeting with Dr. Lewis for a consultation.

During your consultation he’ll go over the procedure with you, answering any questions you may have and helping build your very own treatment plan for achieving your body goals. Get started today to take the first step toward your dream body!

What are the benefits of a belt dermolipectomy?

As opposed to traditional “tummy tuck” procedures, a belt dermolipectomy comprehensively addresses your entire midsection from your hips to your navel, meaning the entire contour of your body can be fine-tuned to your liking. The results are striking and, in many cases, life-changing.

Imagine being able to pick out any item of clothing that catches your eye and immediately know you’re going to look stunning in it. How would your life change if you were able to look in the mirror and actually smile instead of focusing on your insecurities? At Texas Dermatology, we’re thrilled to be able to make this a reality for our patients.

Am I a candidate for a belt dermolipectomy?

If you have excess skin and fat around your midsection and are considering surgical options to address it, a belt dermolipectomy is an excellent choice! When you come in for a consultation, our surgeon, Dr. Lewis, will explain the entire procedure, discuss your goals with you, and help you determine if a belt dermolipectomy is the right choice for you. Together you’ll create a treatment plan that addresses any and all beauty and body goals you may have, starting you out on your path to looking the way you’ve dreamed of.

Don’t waste any more time being dissatisfied and disappointed by how you look. The team at Texas Dermatology is here to address your insecurities and give you a body you can be proud of. Let’s get started.