Buttock Augmentation with Fat Graft in San Antonio, TX

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Graft in San Antonio, TXAchieve the beautiful curves of your dreams with Dr. Don Lewis at Texas Dermatology.

What is a buttock augmentation with fat grafting?

Also known as the Brazilian butt lift, this procedure removes fat from your stomach, thighs, and hips, and reuses it to create a round, perky butt. The result is a stunning hourglass figure and an overall more confident you!

How much does a buttock augmentation with fat grafting cost?

No two procedures are exactly alike since your unique goals and needs are taken into account during the planning process. Dr. Don Lewis is a board-certified surgeon with over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and every patient he works with is treated like they’re the only patient he’ll ever treat. The same goes for you!

Since each procedure is unique, there isn’t a blanket price. Your procedure will be priced according to what you specifically need (and include nothing you don’t), so you can rest assured knowing you’re a valued patient receiving the best, highest level of individualized care.

What are the benefits of buttock augmentation with fat grafting?

This procedure works to give you the full, lifted curves you’ve been desiring by taking fat from “trouble” areas like your stomach, hips, and thighs. Because of this, not only do you improve your figure by boosting your butt, you end up slimmer in other areas as well!

When what you see in the mirror looks just like the picture you have of yourself in your head, you not only look better, you feel more confident. When you feel more confident, your entire outlook on life changes. You’re able to wear what you want with pride, stop second-guessing yourself, and enjoy life more overall.

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What is recovery like after a buttock augmentation with fat grafting?

Like any surgical procedure, taking care of your body afterward is very important. Dr. Lewis will give you specific instructions beforehand, but here’s a bit of what you can expect.

For about two weeks, you’ll need to avoid sitting for more than 2 hours and use a cushion under your thighs to help keep pressure off the newly-placed fat. It’ll be important to sleep on your stomach or on your side as well. Wound care to help heal the incision and being able to take it easy while you’re on the mend will mean, by the time you’re fully recovered, your new butt will be everything you dreamed of and more!

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