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Dermatologic Surgery San Antonio, TX

Dermatologic Surgery

Our experienced skin specialists perform skin examinations and surgical excisions.

What is Dermatologic Surgery?

There are a variety of surgical methods for treating skin diseases and disorders. Dermatologic surgery is frequently performed to remove cancerous growths, birthmarks, cysts, moles and other types of abnormal skin growths. Surgical removal of skin growths is a common procedure that is beneficial for a number of conditions.

Common Dermatological Surgery Procedures

• Biopsies
• Surgical Excision Procedures
• Cyst Removal
• Skin Mole Removal
• Skin Cancer Surgery
• Birthmarks & Benign Skin Growths Removal
• Warts & Molluscum Contagiosum Removal

Our dermatological surgeons have extensive experience treating all types of skin diseases and conditions. We provide the best treatment options available for all types of skin conditions and diseases. Using a local anesthesia to minimize your discomfort, our dermatologists also perform some procedures under general anesthesia. A pediatric anesthesiologist is also available for infants and young children.

To schedule a consultation for a skin examination or dermatologic surgery, call (210) 829-5180.

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