Cyst Removal

Treatment for Cysts

Our dermatological specialists perform skin cyst removal surgery for patients of all ages.

What is a Cyst?

Cysts are a common type of skin problem that forms from fibrous tissues and fluids. A non-cancerous round mass or lump under the skin, cysts are sometimes tender, and can cause inflammation and redness. A skin cyst is also referred to by a variety of names or types, including sebaceous cyst, epidermal cyst, keratin cyst and epidermoid cyst.

Causes of Cysts

Cysts form from dead skin and oily secretions that become trapped in a pore of skin. They can also be caused by swollen hair follicles or excessive levels of testosterone production. Cysts tend to form where there is hair growth, however they can also occur anywhere on the body.

Surgical Removal of Cysts

Surgical excision of cysts is a relatively simple procedure that is performed to ensure that the entire cyst is removed, including the cyst wall. This helps to ensure that the blockage does not come back. A local anesthetic is used for numbing before the excision is performed.

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