Pyogenic Granuloma Treatment

Treatment for Pyogenic Granuloma

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What are Pyogenic Granulomas?

Pyogenic granuloma are small red bumps that grow on the skin. Prone to bleeding, skin granulomas are filled with blood vessels. The bumps can also be moist, and may ooze with fluid. Although they are typically harmless to your overall health, pyogenic granuloma can be painful and irritating. Most common in the mouth, they can also develop on the face, hands, feet, arms and other parts of the body.

Cause of Pyogenic Granulomas

The specific cause of pyogenic granulomas is not known, however they commonly appear during pregnancy. Children also tend to suffer from pyogenic granulomas, and they can appear following an injury.

Pyogenic Granuloma Treatment

If you are concerned that you may have pyogenic granulomas or any type of abnormal skin growth, getting it checked out as soon as possible is important for preventing complications. Treatment also helps you avoid the possible progression of your condition. Pyogenic granuloma treatment with laser surgery is usually a fast outpatient procedure that enables removal without the need for incisions. Skin granulomas are usually removed in order to confirm that they are not a another type of harmful or cancerous growth. After removing the growth, a biopsy is performed.

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