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Removing Warts with Lasers

Our board certified Dermatologists can help you with fast laser wart removal.

What is a Wart?

A wart is a formation of hardened skin with variations in size, shape and color. Linked with the human papillomavirus (HPV), damaged skin that is cracked or moist may lead to the infection. Most common among children, some warts are contagious through indirect contact.

Types of Warts

There are a number different kinds of warts. A few of the most frequently occurring types include flat warts, common warts and plantar warts. Often affecting children, flat warts are slightly raised, and appear skin colored, light brown or pink. Flat warts typically occur on the face or legs, and may form in large clusters. Common warts usually develop on the hands, but can also be found on other parts of the body. They are grayish-brown in color, and may have small black specks. Characterized by a thick, hard callous on the bottom of the feet, plantar warts often cause pain while standing or walking.

Laser Wart Removal

Although some warts will clear up on their own, itching and burning that results from a wart causes discomfort. If left untreated, warts can also remain for years. When performed by professional dermatologists, laser wart removal is a safe and painless procedure that is also quick and efficient. Treatment is designed to remove the wart, as well as prevent recurrences.

Our experienced dermatologists provide laser wart removal in New Braunfels, TX for patients of all ages. Call us at (210) 829-5180 to schedule an appointment.

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