Lower Body Lift in San Antonio, TX

Sculpt a gorgeous, sultry body no matter what your journey has looked like so far. At Texas Dermatology, you’re worth it.

What is a lower body lift?

For patients who want a smoother, more shapely lower body, that’s possible! A lower body lift is perfect for patients looking to give themselves a lower body makeover or who are dealing with excess skin as a result of weight loss. Weight loss is a difficult and incredible thing to accomplish. Taking control of your body and health is absolutely admirable. However, excess skin can often be a frustrating and unwanted reminder of how hard you’ve had to work.

With a lower body lift, your excess skin around the thighs and buttocks is removed and your body is sculpted to reveal the hard-won shape you’ve earned. You’ve put the discipline and effort into weight loss – let us take care of the rest.

How much does a lower body lift cost?

Your journey to your ideal body has been completely unique to you. Every single patient we treat is beautifully unique, so no two treatment paths are the same. Since we tailor your experience to you and your specific needs, the cost will vary from patient to patient as well.

You can receive a quote for your lower body lift by coming in for a consult with Dr. Don Lewis, our board-certified plastic surgeon. You’re in the best possible hands.

What are the benefits of a lower body lift?

Whether you’ve lost a significant amount of weight or are looking to recontour your lower body, the lower body lift is perfect for you. Instead of trying to dress for the body you have, you can instead tailor your body to the clothes and lifestyle you dream of. No more looking in the mirror and sighing, cursing your genetics.

At Texas Dermatology, you’re in the driver’s seat. You have total control to decide how you want to look. Dr. Lewis is a highly-skilled surgeon with over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. With his expertise by your side, you can have the body of your dreams.

Am I a candidate for a lower body lift?

No one should have to be unhappy with how their body looks. If you’re unhappy with your lower body or are suffering from excess skin around your butt and thighs, a lower body lift may be right for you. Learn more about the procedure and determine if it’s the treatment for you by meeting with Dr. Don Lewis, our plastic surgeon.

He’ll work with you one-on-one to create a custom treatment plan designed to help you achieve your beauty and body goals. You’re worth it – let us help!