Panniculectomy in San Antonio, TX

Panniculectomy in San Antonio, TX Get rid of excess skin and fat on your stomach and regain your confidence.

What is a panniculectomy?

The stomach area is a common trouble spot for patients just like you. The body likes to hold on to excess fat there, giving a “spare tire” or “apron” appearance – and that’s not fun or flattering for anyone. A panniculectomy is a procedure that surgically removes this extra fat and skin, leaving you with a smoother, flatter look. Unlike a tummy tuck, this surgery doesn’t bring the muscles together or give a more toned appearance – it focuses solely on taking away skin and fat. However, it can easily be paired with a tummy tuck to provide a complete overhaul of your stomach area.

As with all our surgical procedures at Texas Dermatology, your panniculectomy will be performed by Dr. Don Lewis. He’s a top-tier, highly-experienced surgeon who is board-certified and skilled in giving patients like you their dream body. You can be fully confident when you choose Texas Dermatology that you’re in the best hands receiving the highest quality care.

How much does a panniculectomy cost?

The bad news? We don’t offer flat pricing on procedures like panniculectomies (spoiler: that’s actually good news). The good news? At Texas Dermatology, we insist on treating every single patient like they’re the only one we’ll ever treat. We customize every detail of your procedure based on your unique needs. As a result, your price will cover exactly what you need – not any less or more.

What are the benefits of a panniculectomy?

When excess skin hangs from your abdomen, it can be more than physically uncomfortable; it’s embarrassing. Even after significant weight loss, many patients still suffer from an apron-like flap. The panniculectomy procedure makes it possible to achieve a smoother, flatter stomach no matter what your genetics or history looks like.

Not only will this procedure help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and reduce the physical discomfort excess fat and skin can cause; it’ll also restore your confidence. You can wear the clothes you never thought you’d be able to fit into and be able to stop hiding from the camera when it’s pulled out.

Am I a candidate for a panniculectomy?

Panniculectomies, in most cases, aren’t actually considered cosmetic procedures. For the majority of patients who receive this surgery, it’s a medical necessity. Having a large amount of excess skin and fat on your stomach can cause complications ranging from constant rashes and irritation to keeping you from being able to enjoy being physically active.

If your stomach is bothering you to the point of negatively impacting your life, come in for a consultation. Dr. Don Lewis will explain the procedure, talk with you about your body goals, and help you determine if a panniculectomy is right for you. There’s no risk, only the chance at the body you’ve only ever dreamed of having.