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Pityriasis Treatment New Braunfels, TX

Pityriasis Phototherapy Treatment

Our board certified dermatologists provide phototherapy for pityriasis and other skin conditions.

What is Pityriasis?

Pityriasis starts with a pink or reddish oval-shaped spot on the skin, and continues to spread throughout the body. Most common on the lower body and trunk, the spots have a lightened center in the spot that looks somewhat similar to ringworm. Depending on the type and severity, Pityriasis rashes can be scaly and inflamed.

Pityriasis Types

Pityriasis lichenoides and pityriasis rosea are the two types of pityriasis. The most common form, pityriasis rosea is often linked to a viral infection, and usually clears in one to three months. Pityriasis lichenoides is marked by bumps or scaly lesions that can spread into the hundreds and leave scars on the skin. Autoimmune disorders such as HIV, mononucleosis and some forms of hepatitis are linked to pityriasis lichenoides.

Pityriasis Treatment

Phototherapy or ultraviolet light treatment is highly effective for treating both types of pityriasis. However if there is an underlying virus or autoimmune condition or virus, it must also be treated.

If you are interested in phototherapy for pityriasis, call or email us to make an appointment with our New Braunfels, TX dermatologists.

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