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Skin Mole Removal New Braunfels, TX

Treating Skin Moles

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What is a Skin Mole?

Skin moles affect many people, with an increase in their growth as we age. Composed of a skin cell group called melanocytes, skin moles are often harmless. However some moles are cancerous, and might be life threatening. Moles vary in color from brown to black, pink or skin colored. They are usually round or oval or shaped, and may be raised or flat.

Surgical Mole Removal

Surgical mole removal is a basic procedure that is necessary for prevention and treatment of skin growths. Removal of a skin mole removal may be performed for a variety of reasons. If a mole grows too large, or if it is itchy or bothersome, it may need to be removed. Raised moles that are larger than a pencil eraser are considered abnormal, and should be examined by a dermatologist. Moles are also removed for aesthetic reasons.

Having the moles on your skin examined periodically is recommended for ensuring your health. Our New Braunfels skin specialists perform examinations, and provide a full range of treatment options for moles. Call or email us to schedule an appointment.

For additional information about skin mole removal, please browse our patient library.

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