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Treating Acne New Braunfels, TX


Professional Acne Treatments

Our skilled dermatologists provide the most effective treatments for acne available today.

About Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems, particularly with teens and young adults. However individuals at any age can get pimples. Women are also more prone to acne during pregnancy and times of hormonal fluctuations. With hormone level changes, production of sebum is increased, leading to clogged pores and acne among teenagers of all skin types. Sebum is an oil made by the sebaceous glands, providing moisture and protection of the skin. When the pores become clogged, they can no longer drain the sebum. Bacteria that is trapped in the pores often leads to acne. Genetics, skin irritants and other factors may also contribute to acne.

Effects of Acne

The face, neck and back are some of the most frequent areas of the body that are affected by acne. It can also appear on the shoulders, chest and other parts of the body. Pimples can become inflamed, red and swollen, and may cause pain and pressure under the skin. Acne breakouts may cause emotional distress, especially in teens. Pimples can also lead to permanent scars. These are some of the reasons why treatments for acne are recommended.

Treatment for Acne

There a number of effective treatments for relief and healing from acne, and almost every case is treatable. After a consultation, our dermatologists will determine the best acne treatment plan for you. Some common treatments for acne include topical medications and laser therapy, and a combination of treatments is usually beneficial. Blue light therapy is also often used to kill bacteria in cases of inflamed acne. Acne scars can also be treated with laser procedures. In order to achieve results and prevent new acne breakouts, it is important to follow the treatment plan as advised.

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More information about acne is available in our patient library.

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