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What to Expect at a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Deciding to get plastic surgery isn’t a decision most make lightly. Although the thought of solving some or all of your body image issues is exciting, it’s still a big deal. A consultation is the first step in your plastic surgery journey, and the importance is vital. At Texas Dermatology, you’ll meet with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis, specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Curious as to what you should expect at a plastic surgery consultation? Dr. Lewis and the team here at Texas Dermatology have the information you need so you can be prepared for your consult.

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  • Step 1 Visualize the Changes

Being able to visualize the changes you desire is an integral part of the decision-making process. Our office uses the latest technology through the Vectra 3D H2 imaging camera to bring your desired changes to life before the surgery. Let’s face it; sometimes things look better in our minds, so seeing these real-life changes on your body help. Your medical history will be taken along with a current list of medications. A member of the medical staff will take your vitals, and you will be asked to disrobe and put on a gown, depending on the procedure.

Dr. Lewis will discuss your concerns, what is the priority, and your motivations for getting plastic surgery. From there, a series of photos of the surgical areas will be taken with the imaging camera, and then the images displayed for you to see. Dr. Lewis will manipulate the images to show the safest, most straightforward way to achieve your goals. Dr. Lewis is a very thorough communicator and puts procedure terms and processes in a way everyone can understand. He will also provide education on why specific issues are caused as applicable.

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  • Step 2 Understanding Procedure and Recovery

Once your options are reviewed, Dr. Lewis will cover what happens during the actual procedure, anesthesia options, risks, aftercare, and recovery times. He will then answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our insurance billing team will also review procedure costs and financial options along with what your insurance covers, if allowed.

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Our goal here at Texas Dermatology is that you will leave your consultation with all your questions answered. You should feel good about the information you received and well-equipped to make a sound decision about your surgical options. If you are ready to set up your plastic surgery consultation, let the experience of Dr. Lewis guide you. Don M. Lewis, MD, is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lewis has over twenty years of private practice experience and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

To set up your plastic surgery consultation, call (210) 728-3923, or complete our online form.



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