Texas Dermatology performs clinical research for new medications, medical devices, treatment protocols, and other aspects of dermatological care. Our participants are volunteers from San Antonio, Kenedy, New Braunfels and other areas of Texas, as well as nationally and internationally. Our sponsor and CRO info describes aspects of how we perform clinical research at our practice.

What is a Clinical Research Sponsor?

A clinical research sponsor is an organization that may pay for the research. Oftentimes, sponsors use other organizations to carry out the efforts of the research. The sponsor typically does not have the expertise or staffing to perform the necessary clinical research that is required by the FDA and may use a CRO.

What is a Clinical Research CRO?

The CRO is the clinical research organization that is contracted to perform the trials that are needed for FDA approval of a new treatment or drug. The CRO performs the research and also helps the sponsor produce the necessary documentation and protocols that are required by the FDA. The CRO will have a physician who is responsible for overseeing the research and responding to any questions or issues that arise during the study. The CRO may also grant waivers for participants as deemed appropriate for the overall benefit of the study that is needed by the sponsor.

Does Texas Dermatology Work With Sponsors and CROs for Clinical Research?

Texas Dermatology is frequently asked to conduct clinical research on behalf of sponsors. Therefore, we perform in the role of the contracted clinical research organization. We also share our expertise in dermatology clinical research with sponsors and CROs who may need to understand the best practices for these efforts.

I am a Sponsor: Can I Work With Texas Dermatology?

We welcome opportunities to work with sponsors of clinical research that advances our mission to provide cutting-edge therapies for dermatology patients around the world. If you need a CRO for your research study, contact us to discuss the requirements and anticipated outcomes of the research.

Does Texas Dermatology Contract Out Any of the Work for Clinical Research?

We are fully staffed to manage most clinical trials. We may contract with clinical research associates if the requirements of the research are beyond our capacity, such as needing to travel to remote locations where the research is being conducted.

If you would like to learn more about our clinical research or need more sponsor and CRO info, contact us to speak with a member of our clinical research team that is led by Dr. John Browning, board certified in pediatrics, dermatology and pediatric dermatology.