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Dr. Lewis Texas Dermatology
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Adult, Teen & Pediatric

Offering a full range of skin treatments for patients of all ages, Texas Dermatology utilizes the latest technologies, we provide all of the best therapies available for skin problems and diseases.

Advanced AestheticS

The Texas Dermatology team specialized in Botox/Dysport Injectables, Lip and Dermal Fillers, Miradry, Instalift, Hair Restoration, Laser Skin Treatment and Hair Removal, and many other cosmetic treatments.

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Texas Dermatology

Five Locations
Serving Greater
San Antonio
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At Texas Dermatology, we seek to deliver the highest quality of skin care for multiple generations of Texans. We aim to provide a team oriented and productive work environment. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and contributing member of the community through education, research, and service.
How does diet affect skin?

How Diet Affects Your Skin

The epidermis (skin) is the largest organ your body has. With many essential functions, it’s no wonder how easily it’s impacted both inside and out.

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Managing Rosacea in the Winter

Managing Rosacea in Winter

More than a third of rosacea patients feel they are hit hardest by rosacea symptoms during the colder months. Arctic air and indoor heating are

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Interview with Dr. Robinson

With medical experience spanning the states of Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and Texas, as well as South Korea, our new dermatologist is well-traveled and extensively

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