Facial Fat Grafting in San Antonio, TX

Facial Fat Grafting in San Antonio, TXLook like yourself, but better: More youthful, more beautiful.

What is a facial fat graft?

Aging is something we all have to deal with, unfortunately. As time goes on, you start to notice small changes in the way you look. These changes multiply until, one day, you wake up and hardly recognize yourself. Your cheeks aren’t quite as full, your eyes seem hollow, and lines are prominently etched into your face.

The facial fat graft procedure was designed to address facial aging. This technique uses fat already existing on your body to boost the youthful fullness and tightness your skin once naturally had, giving you back that gorgeous, smooth glow.

Performed by our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis, your facial fat graft procedure at Texas Dermatology will be nothing short of an anti-aging miracle! Get started on your path to rejuvenated skin with a consultation.

How much does a facial fat graft cost?

When it comes to your face, there’s no one quite like you! Factors ranging from your skin type to how you’ve cared for your body and everything in between add up to one unique package. That uniqueness needs to be treated individually, meaning your anti-aging treatment will look different than any other patient we’ve treated before.

Because we work on an individual level, we can’t provide one-size-fits-all pricing. If you’re interested in a quote for your facial fat graft procedure, set up a consultation with Dr. Don Lewis today. You’ll get to ask any questions you have about the procedure and build a customized treatment plan to address all your anti-aging and beauty goals.

What are the benefits of a facial fat graft?

One of the main reasons we age as we get older is a loss in collagen, the fiber that gives your skin its bounce and structure. As collagen disappears and its production slows, you start to lose that definition you once saw. With a facial fat graft, your body’s own fat is used to return shape to areas that have fallen flat over the years. This results in a natural, long-lasting youthfulness you’ll love to show off.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to consider a facial fat graft, there’s an incredible side bonus. Since your own fat is used for the procedure, you have the option to shave a bit off any trouble areas you might have. Liposuction is used to harvest the fat which is then injected into your face strategically. Who says you have to choose between an hourglass figure and a time-defying face?

Am I a candidate for a facial fat graft?

The answer is almost definitely yes! This procedure is perfect for patients suffering from aging’s harsh effects, from loss of fullness to fine lines. It’s also excellent for those who prefer a more natural, haven’t-had-work-done look.

Learn more about this age-reversing procedure with a consultation. You’ll get to meet with Dr. Don Lewis, who has over 20 years of experience working with patients in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He’ll walk you through the procedure, answer your questions, and help you decide if a facial fat graft is right for you.