Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing in San Antonio, TX

Contact dermatitis is a reaction that occurs when you touch your skin with a substance that causes irritation, rash, itching, and other symptoms. Texas Dermatology offers contact dermatitis patch testing for children, teenagers, and adults in San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, and surrounding areas of Texas.

What is Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing?

Contact dermatitis patch testing is a procedure that helps you identify what substances are causing your contact dermatitis or allergic reaction. You may be allergic to ingredients in your skincare products, clothing or jewelry in addition to chemicals and substances encountered while at work, exercising or enjoying hobbies. Contact dermatitis patch testing is a valuable tool to help you avoid further contact with products that cause the skin an allergic reaction.

How Much Does Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing Cost?

At Texas Dermatology, we perform a comprehensive range of contact dermatitis patch testing for each patient, so the cost does vary. After your consultation with Dr. Browning or one of our other dermatology practitioners and checking benefit information with your insurance company, we can explain how much the patch testing will cost. You may be eligible for financing through CareCredit® if you are interested in making payments for the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing?

The primary benefit of contact dermatitis patch testing is to clearly identify the allergens that are causing your symptoms. You can use this information to improve your environment so that you do not experience allergic reactions.

Am I a Candidate for Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing?

If you have a rash or other type of skin irritation that has not been linked to an injury, insect sting or other known source, we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss contact dermatitis patch testing with one of our dermatologists.

How is Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing Performed?

We perform skin examinations and conduct patch testing for adults and children suffering from contact dermatitis. Patch testing is done to identify the irritants and allergens that are causing dermatitis. The patch testing procedure will involve placing patches on the skin that contain small amounts of allergens that commonly cause skin reactions. The patches are typically left on for several days. The skin is then examined by your dermatology practitioner to determine what substances are causing a skin reaction. This procedure is non-invasive and painless, but you may experience some itching while the patches are in place. Whether it is coming from environmental irritants, personal care products, or other factors, our dermatology practitioners will pinpoint and treat all causes of contact dermatitis.

What is the Recovery Like After Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing?

Contact dermatitis patch testing is intended to produce a reaction in your skin, so you may experience redness, itching, and other symptoms. This is a normal outcome of the procedure and will typically resolve on its own.

How Do I Find Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing Doctors Near Me?

Dr. John Browning is board certified in pediatrics, dermatology and pediatric dermatology. He leads a team of expert dermatology practitioners who work with patients of all ages in San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, Kenedy, and surrounding areas of Texas, including children, adolescents, and adults. You and your family deserve exceptional care for contact dermatitis patch testing, so contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Alamo Heights, Dominion, Mission Trail, New Braunfels and Kenedy.