Breast Implant Removal in San Antonio, TX

Breast Implant Removal in San Antonio, TXIf you don’t want your implants anymore, Dr. Don Lewis at Texas Dermatology is here to help. We give you the ability to make your body look and feel exactly how you want it to – with or without implants.

What is breast implant removal?

This procedure is exactly what it sounds like: removing your breast implants. There are many reasons for wanting implants removed, from having some discomfort to simply changing your mind, and our highly-qualified surgeon makes the process easy.

During your breast implant removal, an incision will be made under your breast, around your areola, or just under the areola. The implant is then removed and the incision is closed. Depending on your needs, a breast lift may be recommended, which can typically be performed during your breast implant removal. Dr. Don Lewis’ extensive experience means you’re in the best possible hands.

How much does breast implant removal cost?

Since there are a variety of reasons and situations when it comes to breast implant removal, each patient’s case is completely unique. To learn more about how much your removal surgery will cost, you can schedule a consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis.

During this consultation, you’ll go in-depth with Dr. Lewis on your implant journey, your specific needs, and the end result you’re going for. He’ll help put together a treatment plan just for you, answering any questions and making sure you feel completely comfortable every step of the way.

What are the benefits of breast implant removal?

Having implants removed can make your life better in a whole host of ways. For some patients, removal makes it possible to no longer have to deal with discomfort stemming from their implants. For others, it means returning to an ideal figure they dream of. For others still, it’s about just not wanting to have implants anymore.

No matter what your reasoning is for looking into implant removal, your reasons are valid, and you deserve access to the highest-quality care available. Texas Dermatology is proud to provide that to you.

Am I a candidate for breast implant removal?

If you have implants you no longer want, we can help. Dr. Don Lewis is board certified and has over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, meaning you have nothing to worry about when you trust Texas Dermatology with your care.

Schedule your consult to meet with Dr. Lewis, get your questions answered, and have a custom treatment plan created for you.