Cosmetic Body Procedures in San Antonio, TX

Whether you’re wanting to fit into your jeans from high school, look incredible in a sleeveless dress, or recover the sporty physique of your youth, Dr. Don Lewis at Texas Dermatology is the world-class surgeon you need by your side.

What is cosmetic body surgery?

Our entire lives we’re told to love the skin we’re in. We’re taught that the only way to change your body is by hard work, diet, and exercise. Fortunately, while those are all very important to overall health, they’re not your only options anymore.

Cosmetic surgery, performed at Texas Dermatology by the skilled and talented Dr. Don Lewis, makes it possible for you to design and achieve your perfect body.

How much does cosmetic body surgery cost?

Tailoring your body to the picture you have in your mind isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Since Dr. Don Lewis works with each patient individually to figure out their own personalized treatment plan, you’ll need to come in for a consult to get a price.

The Texas Dermatology team is passionate about making sure you get the exact look you’re going for, so we pride ourselves on making you our priority every step of the way. Get started with your consult to take the first step toward the new, improved you.

What types of cosmetic body procedures are available?

What are the benefits of cosmetic body surgery?

When it comes to custom-building your ideal body, almost no dream is too far-fetched. From slim, toned arms to an Instagram-worthy butt and everything in between, Dr. Don Lewis’s skill and precision are exactly what you need to achieve that.

Looking in the mirror and seeing exactly what you want to see has more of an impact on your everyday life than you’d believe … until you finally see it. Gaining that strong sense of confidence and self-assuredness that comes from knowing you look amazing fitting into the clothes you’ve wished for is life-changing. Dr. Don Lewis’s passion is making this possible for patients just like you.

Am I a candidate for cosmetic body surgery?

If you have a problem area or body feature you’d like to address, Texas Dermatology can help. Our extensive list of options means there’s a treatment or procedure for nearly everyone. Our top surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis, will work with you during a one-on-one consultation to work out exactly which procedure is right for you.