Inverted Nipple Correction in San Antonio, TX

Leave behind any worries or self-doubt about how your breasts look and enjoy a gorgeous, natural, confidence-boosting body.

What is an inverted nipple correction?

Inverted nipples are where the nipple has folded in on itself or retracted inward. This can result in frustrations around how your body looks, difficulty breastfeeding, and more. With an inverted nipple correction, the nipple is surgically adjusted so it faces outward, resulting in a beautiful shape you can feel good about.

There are several levels of correction that can be done based on how severely your nipples are inverted. Even in the most difficult cases, we’re able to help! Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis, will help you determine which level of inverted nipple correction would be best for you.

How much does an inverted nipple correction cost?

You as a patient are an individual with your own unique experiences, circumstances, and needs. We’re proud to be able to tailor each surgery we perform at Texas Dermatology to the patient receiving it, meaning you’re provided the best-available care every single time.

As a result, we can’t offer one standard price for each patient. You can receive a quote by meeting with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Don Lewis. Dr. Lewis has over 20 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery so you can be completely confident in your choice.

What are the benefits of an inverted nipple correction?

How your breasts look has a large impact on your self esteem. When your nipples make you feel less than attractive or “normal,” it can result in you feeling bad about yourself as a whole. When this issue is corrected, you’ll have natural-looking, beautiful breasts you can feel proud of. Whether you’re desiring to wear a wider range of bras and clothes comfortably or feel more confident during times of intimacy, an inverted nipple correction is the answer.

Dr. Don Lewis has extensive experience helping patients just like you achieve their dream body. When you come in for a one-on-one consultation, he’ll take the time to meet with you individually, learn about your history, discuss your needs, and formulate a treatment plan that addresses any and all body and beauty goals you may have.

You matter. At Texas Dermatology, you’re always our top priority.

Am I a candidate for an inverted nipple correction?

For women dealing with inverted nipples of any degree, an inverted nipple correction may be the answer. Learn more about this procedure and create a treatment plan to set you on the path to your dream body by meeting with Dr. Lewis. Get started today so you don’t have to spend any more time questioning yourself, feeling badly about yourself, or looking anything less than how you desire to look.