5 Myths About Psoriasis We Have to Talk About

Psoriasis: A skin condition often misunderstood and mistaken by other conditions.

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is widely misunderstood and often mistaken for other skin conditions. Before we dive in into some myths and misconceptions about psoriasis, we would like to define it. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, psoriasis is a chronic disease that develops when a person’s immune system sends faulty signals to the skin cells which in turn grow too quickly. The body produces skin cells at a rapid pace and doesn’t shed them. Consequently, the skin cells pile up on the skin surface and cause psoriasis to appear.


  1. Psoriasis Is Contagious
    Psoriasis is NOT contagious, you cannot get it through skin contact and the lesions are not infectious. The exact causes of psoriasis are unknown; however, we do know that genetics and your immune system play an integral part in its development.
  2. It’s Just Skin-Deep
    Although the lesions only appear on the skin surface, psoriasis is associated with other conditions and can affect the entire body. People with psoriasis are at a greater risk of developing health conditions such as depression, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Psoriasis can also have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem, quality of life, sleep and relationships. Those that have psoriasis deal with more than just the lesions you see on their skin.
  3. You Can’t Treat Psoriasis
    Psoriasis has no cure but that doesn’t mean it cannot be treated. Symptoms of the condition can be kept at bay with the right medication and healthy lifestyle changes.
  1. Bad Hygiene Causes Psoriasis
    As mentioned before, psoriasis is not something you can catch or cause by having bad hygiene. This myth is mostly associated with scalp psoriasis because flakes build up and appear on a person’s scalp making it seem like “dirty” hair. It is wrong to believe that people with psoriasis are not washing their hair or treating their skin. Additionally, remarks such as these can cause embarrassment and damage a person’s self-esteem.
  2. Only Adults Get Psoriasis
    Psoriasis may be more common in adults, but children may develop it too. According to Healthline and the National Psoriasis Foundation, children with parents that have psoriasis have up to a 50% chance of developing the chronic disease.

Dealing with psoriasis goes beyond the skin’s surface. The doctors and staff at Texas Dermatology and Laser Specialists are committed to understanding and raising awareness about psoriasis and are currently seeking volunteers to participate in research trials that will help to gain a better knowledge of the condition and test possible new treatment options. Those that qualify to participate in these psoriasis studies may receive study-related care and medication at no cost, have access to possible new treatment options and receive compensation for time and travel. If you or someone you love has psoriasis, explore your options and consider participating in a research study. Click HERE to view our enrolling studies.

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