An Introduction to Neck Liposuction

An Introduction to Neck Liposuction

Say no this November to the troubles of a double chin! Instead, enter the holiday season feeling more confident and looking firmer with an introduction to neck liposuction. Read more in our blog!

Don’t Sleep on Neck Liposuction 

As the holidays near, family parties and work events become common, often making us hyperaware that more eyes may be on us than normal. We understand that stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise can be frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be a forever problem when procedures like neck liposuction are available to help you achieve the more defined neckline you seek. Using one to two small incisions, typically made below the chin or behind the ears, a surgeon inserts small and thin tubes, known as cannulas, through the incisions to help discard fat and begin sculpting the desired jawline. For most patients, this is a quick and easy procedure lasting under two hours using local anesthesia—an appealing fact to interested patients.

An Introduction to Neck Liposuction

Did You Know Neck Liposuction Can:

  • Be combined with other medical procedures such as chin augmentation or rhinoplasty for maximum facial contouring. 
  • Have permanent results if the patient remains at a stable weight. 
  • Polish the appearance of fullness under the chin, often referred to as a “double chin.” 
  • Improve the jawline to refine the chin and achieve a more well-rounded facial appearance. 

Neck to Neck: The Difference Between Neck Liposuction & Neck Lift 

A way to distinguish neck liposuction from a neck lift is that a neck lift requires a more extensive procedure. In contrast, neck liposuctions is a non-invasive form of removing excess fat, resulting in a much shorter recovery period and less risk for complications. Neck lifts are often favored by older individuals more susceptible to sagging skin. Seeing as rectifying this is possible through this procedure. In contrast, neck liposuction patients vary between the ages of twenty and forty, as skin elasticity is less of an issue during this time.

Life can come with baggage, so don’t carry around the extra weight of disliking your appearance on top of it. Explore our services and learn more about how we can help you feel like whom you want to be!

An Introduction to Neck Liposuction

You’re the only person you see without fail every day – invest in your face! At Texas Dermatology, buy 3 face treatments and get 3 neck treatments FREE (valid on SkinPen, HydraFacial, Halo, Potenza, Elos, Contour TRL, Profractional, and BBL!)

If you’re debating if a liposuction procedure is the right call for you, contact us at (210) 829 -5180 to schedule a consultation today!


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