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Back to School Skincare for San Antonio Teens

Heading back to school is nerve-wracking enough. When you’re faced with acne that is difficult to manage, it may add stress to your back-to-school nerves. Thankfully, at Texas Dermatology, we have several skincare options designed for teens to look their best. You may wonder what causes your acne and how you can treat and prevent it from coming back. So, let’s talk about it.

How Does Acne Form?

Acne is a direct effect of bacteria on the surface of the skin. When the oil-producing glands in your skin are blocked, they fluctuate with your hormone levels. Once the pores are blocked, bacteria and oil can counteract to cause acne. The bacteria gets into the pores of your skin and results in small, red bumps that are considered to be acne. Acne can range from small to large and mild to painful.

What are the Main Causes of Acne?

Acne is a result of the pores on your face being blocked due to several factors such as hormonal imbalances, puberty, bacteria, dirt, oil, etc.

How Can You Prevent Acne?

Many people ask the question, “Is acne preventable?” The simple answer is, yes. You may be predisposed to genetic links to acne, but there are treatments and steps you can take to minimize the appearance and occurrence of acne. There is no magical “stop” button, but there are preventative measures you can take.

What are the Best Practices for Keeping Your Face Clean?

Wash Your Face

It’s a phrase you’ve heard and seen many times before. Your mom was always reminding you to wash your face, your social media timelines share inspirational quotes to “wash your face,” and your dermatologist constantly reminds you how important it is to wash your face. The thing they aren’t telling you is what to wash your face with. Do you use soap and water? Do you purchase pricey facial cleansers that promise results? Do you trust an all-in-one wash? There are so many questions when it comes to your skincare.

The best answer is to consult your dermatologist to find out the cause of your acne. Is it hormones, bacteria, stress, or something else that is causing acne? Once you have a cause, your dermatologist can help you determine a personalized skincare routine.

Use Dermatologist Approved Skincare Products

When it comes to washing your face, bottom shelf, general store soap isn’t going to cut it. If you suffer from severe acne or uncontrollable blemishes on your face, a clinical skincare product may be better suited for you. Your dermatologist is an expert and you should trust their opinion on skincare products. They may prescribe you an acne wash or medicine or they may suggest a face wash that is designed to treat acne. Additionally, your dermatologist may suggest or prescribe creams and moisturizers that are best for acne-prone skin.

Stop Touching Your Face

When you’re nervous, it is common that you will touch your face and hair to distract from the conversation. Going back to school is stressful. A new school year, new teachers, new peers, and new situations add to your stress. The best way to keep your face clean and acne-free is to keep your hands off of your face. The new school year brings new germs and new bacteria that can cause breakouts and redness in your skin. Washing your hands and avoiding touching your face can help to keep your skin clear.

To get started on your journey to acne-free skin, contact us at Texas Dermatology. We have several treatments and solutions to acne, and we are eager to help teens look their best.

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