Valentine's Day

Get Your Skin Valentine’s Day Ready

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many couples are feverishly making plans for a romantic night at home or out of it. Unfortunately, for many individuals, chronic skin conditions or those induced by stress or sickness can add a layer of embarrassment and worry to the mix. Luckily, we have some tips on how to get your skin Valentine’s Day ready before the big day.

Valentine's Day

Cold Sores, Dandruff, and Excessive Sweating

Most skin issues, in general, have the potential to lower an individual’s confidence and overshadow Valentine’s Day plans. While we can’t cover all of them, we have tips for managing three of the most common that may help:

  • Cold Sores

    Cold sores are highly contagious until they scab over, even if you have been treating them. No one wants a cold sore for Valentine’s Day, so prepare yourself to forgo any kissing, sharing of food or drinks, or other behaviors that could spread the virus to your one and only. In addition, here are some tips for managing cold sores:

    • At the first sign, begin applying an antiviral cold sore medication as directed.
    • Apply a clean, wet, cold towel to the affected area 5-10 times a day to minimize the irritation. Also, avoid spicy, salty, too hot, or too acidic foods. Just because you have a cold sore doesn’t mean you can’t help minimize its appearance.

Valentine's Day

  • Dandruff

    The itchy scalp and seemingly endless flakes associated with dandruff is another common issue that can divert attention in all the wrong places. To increase your chances of having it under control for your valentine, follow these dermatologists’ recommended tips:

    • The most effective way to treat and control dandruff is to use dandruff shampoo and scalp treatments. There are several types of hair and scalp treatments. The key is to follow the directions and switch up brands if one is no longer effective.
    • Eliminate potential triggers that can worsen dandruff by eating a healthy diet, managing stress, and limiting the amount of hair styling products you use.
    • If you’ve been unsuccessful in managing your dandruff at home, it’s time to see a dermatologist. They can determine if any other conditions are causing your dandruff and find a more effective treatment plan.
  • Excessive Sweating

    Sweating is necessary to cool down the body. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is when you sweat even when the body doesn’t need to cool down. A dermatologist is trained in diagnosing hyperhidrosis and can recommend the appropriate treatment. In addition to following your treatment plan, you can help better manage it by:

    • Avoid common food triggers like alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine.
    • In general, wearing natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, and silk, will allow your skin to breathe.
    • Wear shoes that allow air to circulate and slip them off so your feet can breathe when you can.

Valentine's Day

Experts with a Heart for Restoring Confidence

Helping to restore confidence is one of the greatest gifts the experts at Texas Dermatology provide our patients. We have multiple options through our medical dermatology and medspa services to help prepare your skin for whatever your Valentine’s Day plans may be.

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