Lipo 360 - Feel Like You 365 Days a Year

Lipo 360 – Feel Like You 365 Days a Year

Cosmetic surgery can get a bad reputation at times. Texas Dermatology is here to remind you that no one should make you feel poorly for striving to be comfortable in your skin. Embrace Lipo 360, feel like you 365 days a year – it’s your right too!

The Need to Know ON Liposuction 

Much like people, at times, the fat in our bodies can also be stubborn. Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a surgical procedure that targets areas where excess fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise is removed. Liposuction can also be completed simultaneously with other medical procedures such as breast reduction, facelifts, and tummy tucks. However, it’s essential to remember that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure or weight-loss alternative. Instead think of it as a tool for sculpting resistant excess fat.

Lipo 360 - Feel Like You 365 Days a Year

What Makes Lipo 360 Unique? 

While traditional liposuction focuses on a single area, Lipo 360 can target the entire midsection at the same time. Lipo 360, also known as circumferential liposuction, uses a vacuum to suction fat from the designated areas. Allowing the procedure the unique ability to deliver the results the patient desires. Designed to contour, lift, and tone upper and lower abdominals, the obliques or flanks on both sides, and lower and mid-back. The comprehensive procedure allows for a well-rounded sculpt, creating a more balanced and proportional appearance from varied angles. Resulting in a uniformity that allows for happy clients.

Special liposuction procedures, such as Lipo 360, offer patients more accuracy in their results when working with a woman or man’s natural contours. Aesthetic benefits of Lipo 360 include:

  • Eliminates persistent belly fat resulting in a flatter stomach
  • Provides shapelier waistline by removing unwanted love handles
  • Removes bulges or “muffin top,” allowing clothes to fit better

Surgery time will vary depending on the patient and the areas being worked on but will typically run under three hours. While potential risks are involved, this is a minimally invasive procedure making it both safe and effective!

Lipo 360 - Feel Like You 365 Days a Year

Honor the skin you’re in this National Healthy Skin Month by wearing it proudly. We’re having a seasonal promotion where you can receive $500 off an in-office Lipo360 procedure with our exceptional and knowledgeable Dr. Ramirez. Schedule a consultation with Texas Dermatology today! If you’re curious to learn more about our services, such as liposuction, contact us at (210) 829-5180 or visit our website today. Serve the skin that serves you!


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