Pediatric Clincal Trial

Pediatric Clinical Trials

Michael’s eczema story

My baby, Michael, is the most wonderful little person in my world. He just started walking and it is just amazing to see him grow up. But my heart breaks every time he cries in the middle of the night due to his eczema flare-ups.

His symptoms started when he was just a few months old. We noticed he started wiggling a lot when we would pick him up or when he was laying down in his crib. My husband and I started worrying when we saw the rash on his face, his ears, neck, and scalp.

Our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric dermatologist and told us the diagnosis. “Atopic Dermatitis,” he explained, “is an inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by dry, itchy skin which can sometimes weep clear liquid when scratched. This condition affects about 30% of the U.S. population, most of them being children.”

As Michael started to get older, his eczema started to get more severe and he learned how to scratch himself. Often, he wakes every couple of hours crying with discomfort and will scratch until his skin is raw.

Our dermatologist recommended several over-the-counter ointments, but they provided minimal relief.

My husband and I were at a loss. Our baby was always uncomfortable, crying, and not getting enough sleep. We asked for other options and our dermatologist suggested that Michael could be a suitable candidate for an ongoing clinical trial.

The idea scared me.

Nevertheless, we decided to meet with the research team and consider our options. They went through the key points of the trial with us.

“The medication being tested has already been approved by the FDA in adult subjects,” said Racheal, the Research Coordinator. “This clinical trial is designed to determine the efficacy of the medication in a younger population,” she continued. This made me feel more confident about the trial.

“We will be monitoring Michael throughout the entire process and you can withdraw Michael’s participation at any time, should you feel uncomfortable with the trial,” she continued.

We discussed the matter extensively and decided that joining the clinical trial would be the best option for our baby.

Children are a unique population. Clinical trials for this age group are essential to develop advancing medical treatments.

Michael means the world to me, and joining a clinical trial gave him the access to a possible new treatment option. Additionally, we gained a better understanding of his condition.

If your child suffers from eczema or other skin conditions, talk to your doctor about the possibility of participating in a clinical trial. For more information, click HERE!

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