As winter continues those with psoriasis are likely experiencing a flare. Psoriasis tends to worsen during the cool, dark days of winter. This is due to several causes, including dry air, low vitamin D levels, and stress, just to name a few.

A couple of helpful hints: use a mild non-alkaline soap that won’t dry out your skin; apply moisturizing cream daily; use topical steroids appropriately; consider phototherapy in the office (rather than tanning) to reduce inflammation in your skin (with a side benefit of increased vitamin D levels).

There are also many new therapies available for psoriasis including several new injectable biologic drugs like Stelara and Cosentyx (in addition to great existing biologics like Enbrel and Humira). There is a new oral drug on the block called Otezla. We have been quite impressed with its success in mild to moderate psoriasis. Call to discuss other options.

At TDLS, we also have the luxury of getting to participate in clinical research trials. This allows our patients the option of treatment with a new, potentially cutting edge therapy. If you would like more information about a psoriasis trial, please contact our study coordinator Lisa Rodriguez,, 210-852-2779.

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