rosacea causes and symptoms

There may be more to those rosy cheeks: Rosacea may be to blame

If you look like you’re blushing all the time, there may be more behind those rosy cheeks. It may be rosacea, a common condition that causes redness and flushing on the face. More than 415 million people worldwide have this condition which can flare-up due to certain triggers.

Let’s take a closer look at rosacea, it’s symptoms and possible options for treatment.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition causing redness, flushing and small pimple-like blemishes that often affects fair-skinned individuals. The exact cause of rosacea is not known, but it is thought to be caused by inflammation due to certain triggers.

Triggers can be anything from extreme temperate, sunlight, hot tubs and exercise to medications, certain medical conditions and even some types of food and drink.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Symptoms of rosacea often resemble those of other skin conditions and can vary significantly from person to person.

They may include flushing, persistent redness, inflamed blood vessels, pimple-like blemishes, facial swelling and excess facial skin around the nose.

rosacea causes and symptoms

What are the treatments for rosacea?

Treatment options for rosacea begin with identifying the triggers. Once the patient and doctor identify the triggers that are causing rosacea flare-ups, the first step is to avoid those things. Determining the triggers may take some time and effort on behalf of the patient. Keeping a food journal and documenting new medications and things you come in contact with, may help.

Individuals with rosacea are also typically sensitive to the sun, so practicing good habits while outdoors including sunscreen application and staying in shaded areas may help. Medications and laser treatments may also help reduce the signs and symptoms of the condition.

Currently, there are is no cure for rosacea, however, our doctors are dedicated to providing the best possible options. Find out more about our services as well as the clinical trials our team is involved with that may help discover new treatments. Learn more here.

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