Frequently Asked VOLUMA® Questions


This month, we have an amazing Cheek Contour Treatment Special. If you buy two syringes of VOLUMA®, you receive 20 units of BOTOX FREE ($240 value)! To better understand what VOLUMA® is, we sat down today with Tanya Gaines, MPAS, PA-C to fill us in on this Juvéderm® treatment, and why there is no better time to try it.

Top 5 Frequently Asked VOLUMA® Questions

Frequently Asked VOLUMA® Questions

We asked Tanya, 5 frequently asked VOLUMA® questions.  Here are the highlights from the interview:

Interviewer: So, to get down to it, there is a special going on this month for the Cheek Contour Treatment Special for VOLUMA®, and we wanted to ask you the top 5 frequently asked questions for VOLUMA®, to provide the readers more information as to why this is such a great treatment. To start, tell us what VOLUMA® is.

Tanya: In short, VOLUMA is a temporary cheek filler that improves the shape and contours of the face, where aging has made them flatter over the years. VOLUMA® adds volume beneath the skin surface.

Interviewer: So, how is it able to do all of that?

Tanya: VOLUMA® is a thick hyaluronic based gel that is pre-mixed with lidocaine (numbing agent). This is injected into specific areas around the cheeks and jawline with a fine gauge needle.

Interviewer: How soon should someone expect to see results?

Tanya: Results can be seen immediately after treatment, so no waiting!

Interviewer: About how long do the results last?

Tanya: Up to 2 years.

Interviewer: Are there any side effects we should be aware of?

Tanya: Swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness at the injection sites are the most common temporary reactions.

If you would like to take advantage of our Cheek Contour Treatment Special, call us at 210-245-4050, or book an appointment online today!

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