4 Reasons You Need a Spring HydraFacial

Texas wildflowers are in bloom which means the warmer temperatures of springtime are upon us. With colder temperatures preceding, your skin can still be dealing with the aftermath of the cold, dry winter air. Don’t fret! A HydraFacial can be just what you need to put some moisture and rejuvenation back into your skin. Here are some reasons you should consider a HydraFacial this spring!

Goodbye, Oily + Congested Skin!

Dry, cold air can cause your skin to become dehydrated. If the skin becomes dry, it can cause excess oil production which can blockade pores. The HydraFacial treatment process begins with cleansing and gentle exfoliation to rid impurities from your skin, leaving you with a clean, refreshed feeling!  

Get Even! (Skin Tone, That Is)

Have you looked in the mirror and noticed dark spots or uneven complexion? Dark spots can be caused by numerous reasons but are more commonly caused by frequent sun or UV exposure.  HydraFacial involves a skin brightening complex to help minimize the appearance of discolorations and even out skin tone.

Smooth Over Fine Lines + Wrinkles

Over time, wrinkles and lines become more prominent. The HydraFacial treatment delivers conditioning peptides that hydrate the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve Elasticity/Firmness

As much as we’d love to discover the fountain of youth, the aging process is inevitable. As we age, the skin naturally loses collagen, a protein that provides firmness and elasticity of the skin. HydraFacial Growth Factors are massaged into the skin, promoting and restoring skin health and firmness.

Hello Spring, Goodbye Dull Skin!

The HydraFacial is a non-invasive treatment for all skin types. No surgery tools needed! The HydraFacial treatment involves multiple steps that cleanses and exfoliates the skin. After the skin is cleansed, it uses a painless, suction technique to remove debris from pores and nourish the skin with intense moisturizers. Finally, the skin is saturated with antioxidants and peptides for a gorgeous, healthy glow.

The treatment takes no more than 45 minutes and is the perfect skin care solution for men and women wanting to improve their skin dramatically.

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