telehealth and coronavirus

Our team wants to keep you safe: Learn more about telehealth

As San Antonio and cities around the country are under stay-at-home orders, many of us are worried about how this will continue to impact our daily lives. Essential activities like visiting the doctor are becoming more and more difficult. Ironically enough, many are worried about how to get to the doctor without compromising their health.

Enter telehealth.

Telehealth is a term used to describe a variety of technologies to deliver virtual medical services including health education. Through telehealth, doctors and healthcare providers can provide important diagnostic evaluations, counseling and education virtually.

“Our doctors are dedicated to providing the continuity of care that our patients need,” says Dr. John Browning of Texas Dermatology. “Through telehealth, we can continue to evaluate skin-related issues, allowing us to resolve certain conditions without the patient ever leaving home.”

Browning and his team say that through telehealth they are able to diagnose certain conditions, provide important patient information and prescribe medications.

Some patients worry about the cost of telehealth since this is a relatively new concept. Health officials say that almost all insurance providers are required to cover the cost of virtual visits, just as they would for in-person visits.

To find out if your insurance covers telehealth visits, contact your provider directly.

If you are interested in booking a telehealth visit or want to convert a current appointment over to a virtual visit, contact us today.

All patients are seen virtually via 100% HIPAA compliant video.

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