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Painless Skin Cancer and Keloid Removal

Skin cancer and related growths can be scary, but thanks to a cutting-edge procedure now available in the San Antonio area, treatment doesn’t have to be.

Traditional methods of skin cancer removal, such as cutting or scraping of the skin, can leave permanent scarring. Recovery from this treatment can impact a patient’s quality of life and even limit daily function following the procedure. Texas Dermatology and Laser Specialists (TDLS) is set to change this experience with a new, cutting-edge radiation technology called SRT-100TM Superficial Radiation Treatment.

“The SRT-100TM Superficial Radiation Treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that only goes skin deep,” says Dr. John Browning, MD, Principal Investigator and founder of TDLS. “Low-dose, precisely calibrated radiation destroys keloids and non-melanoma skin cancers without cutting, bleeding or causing discomfort.”

TDLS is one of the only medical organizations in the San Antonio area to offer the SRT-100TM technology as a treatment option for patients. In addition to providing a painless removal process, this treatment is also vastly successfully, with 95% of patients reporting complete clearance of skin cancers.

“The amazing part about the SRT-100TM really is the recovery period. A patient can walk in for a treatment, and leave in a matter of minutes with no downtime needed,” continues Dr. Browning. “You can swim, exercise, and carry on your daily routine without missing a beat!”

Utilizing the SRT-100TM treatment, versus traditional invasive methods, also decreases the chance of infection, preserves sensitive areas of the body (such as the nose or face), and leaves minimal scarring or discoloration.

“After an initial biopsy and consultation to determine severity, the total removal only takes between six to eight weeks to complete, with two to three treatments per week,” says Dr. Browning.

Your diagnosis does not need to control your quality of life. Schedule a consultation with TDLS today by calling at (210) 829-5180, or by visiting

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