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Tattoo Removal with Powerhouse PicoSure®

Does an old tattoo have you feeling like your old self, have you ever considered tattoo removal using the powerhouse PicoSure® laser? Here at Texas Dermatology, we know tattoo removal has quite the reputation, typically consisting of long sessions and painful methods. Well, out with the old and in with PicoSure®. The first and only of its kind, PicoSure® is a picosecond aesthetic laser attending to various skin issues, including tattoo removal. It performs its function within just a trillionth of a second, and this mega-short pulse creates pure energy in the form of pressure. That pressure helps break down the ink into minuscule particles that, once broken down, allow the body to clear away the apparent ink naturally. Before PicoSure®, lasers relied on the intensity of heat energy to target these areas, leading patients to deal with pain, skin redness, and downtime from day-to-day functions. Faster and fewer treatments paired with its efficiency and recovery time make the PicoSure® laser the gold standard for tattoo removal.

Put the past behind you.

Don’t Want it to Stay? PicoSure® Can Laser it Away

 There is an undeniable beauty in the self-expression tattoos provides through the art of ink. Yet, as we grow older, we also grow bored or less confident with some choices. PicoSure® is known to not only be the safest but most effective form of tattoo removal. We are targeting unwanted ink more precisely than we’ve ever witnessed before. Where in the past, specific ink colors have proven rather difficult to do away with, this picosecond laser has a successful standing in removing colors even such as blue and green. We also can work on previously attempted tattoo removal spots. We all have regrets; you don’t have to live colored by yours.

Picosure laser machine removing a tattoo on a young woman.

What Can You Expect?

 The duration and quantity of sessions required will vary depending on the tattoo(s) in question. We consider important factors such as ink type, location plus size of the tattoo, and even the one’s lifestyle habits. It takes approximately 4-8 weeks for the body to absorb the ink fully. However, every person is unique; thus, during your consultation, our experts will put together a treatment plan to help guarantee the most optimal results. One of the ways you can aid your body is responding to treatment is to implement healthy eating. When you optimize your immune system, your body becomes more vital in its efforts to fade the tattoo in question. Avoidance of smoking and sun exposure are also things to keep in mind when helping to shape the speed of your results.

Life can change, so can you!

We are currently offering $150 off a tattoo removal package for new patients. Book an appointment for your chance to experience this unmatched level of technology. Let us help you undo that tattoo with ease and precision. To learn more and stay updated on the latest, visit our site or contact us at: (210) 245-4050. A fresh start is just a laser away!






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