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Exion Microneedling + Radiofrequency: A Dynamic Duo for Age-Defying Skin

This month, we’re delving into a breakthrough procedure that combines two powerhouse techniques: Microneedling and Radiofrequency. If you’ve been on the hunt for a minimally invasive treatment that addresses a wide range of skin issues while offering lasting results, this blog is for you. Read on to find out what makes Exion Microneedling + Radiofrequency … Read more

Skincare Chosen by the Experts

Achieving and maintaining healthy, radiant skin is a goal shared by individuals of all ages. While the journey to great skin may vary depending on life stages, expert-recommended skincare for both adults and teens revolves around essential principles that promote long-lasting results. Discover the secrets to unlocking your skin’s full potential at any age in … Read more

Embrace the Future: Pair EMFACE with Filler or Sculptra

The evolution of aesthetic medicine and non-surgical cosmetic treatments has introduced several revolutionary methods for facial rejuvenation. Among the innovative solutions, EMFACE technology stands as a frontrunner. This revolutionary technique, often paired with dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Restylane, Revance, or Sculptra, has been making waves in the aesthetic industry for its effectiveness and precision. … Read more

Banishing Summer Sweat: Managing Hyperhidrosis and the miraDry® Solution

As the summer sun reaches its height, the rise in temperature often leads to increased sweating for many individuals. While sweating is a natural and essential bodily function for regulating body temperature, some people experience excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can be uncomfortable and impact one’s confidence and quality of life. If … Read more

Optimizing ProFractional TRL Laser Resurfacing: The Role of Exosomes

The quest for youthful, glowing skin is a timeless pursuit. Today, advanced aesthetic treatments like ProFractional Tunable Resurfacing Laser (TRL) offer promising solutions to age spots, sun damage, wrinkles, and scarring. But what if we could further enhance the results of these treatments? Enter exosomes, the natural cellular messengers that are revolutionizing the world of … Read more

Unmasking the Truths about Acne

June is recognized globally as Acne Awareness Month. During this month, healthcare professionals, skincare experts, and communities worldwide focus on educating people about acne’s causes, treatment, and myths surrounding this widespread skin condition. This blog is dedicated to unmasking truths about acne, dispelling common misconceptions, and offering practical tips for managing this often-misunderstood skin ailment. … Read more

Diversity in Dermatology: The Relevance of Skin Tone

Eczema research for people with skin of color. Read more about diversity in dermatology in our blog.

For too long, medical research has focused primarily on the health needs of white individuals, neglecting the unique needs of people of color. This disparity is particularly evident in the field of dermatology, where research studies have historically focused on the skin conditions and treatments of white patients, often to the exclusion of patients with … Read more

Prioritize Your Skin this Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Skin Cancer Awareness - Learn more about preventing the most common cancer in the U.S. in our blog.

It’s May, which means it’s time to prioritize your skin this Skin Cancer Awareness Month. This annual observance allows health organizations and advocates to raise awareness about skin cancer’s dangers and the importance of prevention and early detection. Skin cancer is the most common type in the United States, with over 5 million cases diagnosed … Read more