Prioritize Your Skin this Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Prioritize Your Skin this Skin Cancer Awareness Month

It’s May, which means it’s time to prioritize your skin this Skin Cancer Awareness Month. This annual observance allows health organizations and advocates to raise awareness about skin cancer’s dangers and the importance of prevention and early detection. Skin cancer is the most common type in the United States, with over 5 million cases diagnosed … Read more

Melanoma Monday

Melanoma Monday

Melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer with the ability to rapidly spread to other organs if not treated in the early stages. Early detection is the cornerstone of Skin Cancer Awareness Month which occurs annually every May. Even though there are several types of skin cancers, melanoma is one of the most common. … Read more

The Sun’s Hot, Skin Cancer’s Not: Tips For Reducing Skin Cancer Risk

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As summer quickly approaches and we get back to a new sense of normalcy, many Texans are spending more time outdoors. With pool time and lazy days at the lake or beach comes a silent problem; skin damage from excessive sun exposure. For Skin Cancer Awareness month, we want to take a closer look at … Read more


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It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. This May, we recognize Skin Cancer and Melanoma Awareness Month in hopes of raising awareness of skin cancer prevention. We encourage you to educate yourself on the potential risks of developing skin cancer and different ways you can protect your … Read more

Painless Skin Cancer and Keloid Removal

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Skin cancer and related growths can be scary, but thanks to a cutting-edge procedure now available in the San Antonio area, treatment doesn’t have to be. Traditional methods of skin cancer removal, such as cutting or scraping of the skin, can leave permanent scarring. Recovery from this treatment can impact a patient’s quality of life … Read more

4 Ways to Protect Your Skin

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It’s almost 104 degrees Fahrenheit out there, the sun is shining, and the summer is just starting. But let’s face it, it’s HOT outside! All you want to do is spend your afternoon by the pool, hiking or eating a cold ice cream! However, spending time outside will expose your skin to the sun’s ultraviolet … Read more